Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nino Jero


Robert Tracy said...

Thank you for your personal email in which you tell the historical note about Nino Jero:

"His personality is full of life...His playing is more traditional, though he is able to play in any style.

"According to the poet Frederico Garcia Lorca, cante jondo, or deep song, is the truest expression of Gypsy Flamenco. All other forms of Flamenco, to Lorca, were nothing more than trivial entertainment. Nevertheless, cante chico, or little song is a true part of the Flamenco of Andalucia.

"Nino Jero exemplifies the exuberant character of Gypsy Flamenco. He can play with singers off cante jondo; however, it is his light hearted side that I enjoy most.

And your personal evaluation of Nino Jero as "light hearted and full of life" is what comes through to my attention as I study your painting.

By the way, here's a short poem by Frederico Garcia Lorca that might be appropriate here, titled "The Guitar.

PRODOS said...

As I look at this painting I can't help smiling and sharing Nino Jero's joy and delight.

There is a sense of friendship and trust in the face and in Nino's embrace of the guitar.

The embrace is confident and comfortable, completely un-self-conscious, as if there is nothing more natural for this time and place in life than to sing, dance, drink, and laugh.

Marvino captures another gypsy soul!